Dead Snake Band / Raven State


"Originally the guys from Sloe moved in to the house with the intention of turning it into the practice/recording space for the band. After half of the band moved away, it became a recording studio for local bands"

After Sloe stopped gigging Rob had written some new songs and wanted to do a solo record entitled "Dead Snake Band". Rob wrote everything and we tracked some scratch acoustic + vocal tracks and then invited friends over for overdubs. We had a lot of fun making this record. It still remmains some of my favorite in-the-moment ideas and textures. Now rob has turned the idea of Dead Snake Band into his new band, Raven State. You can catch Raven State plying around the bay area. I've been doing some moonlighting as the keyboard player / BG vocalist.

Here is the video for "Shiver" the first single and video released from Raven State. Recorded by Gordy @ J31 studios in San Jose, CA.