The Felony College of the Streets

A home studio located in the heart of downtown San Jose, CA. A practice studio for a handful of San Jose based bands.

Originally the guys from Sloe moved in to the house with the intention of turning it into the practice/recording space for the band. Just before half of the band moved away, I had finished building out the basement with Powers. Sloe never really ended up playing downstairs much if at all.it became a recording studio for local bands:

  • The NorthEast
  • Maida
  • The Implants
  • The Entertainment Committie
  • The Shitkickers
  • Orbiter 500
  • Ruthanne Friedman
  • Lady Lazarus
  • Howlin Heart Trio
  • Worker Bee
  • Doctor Nurse
  • The Mumlers
  • The Hot Toddies

The studio basically consisted of a control room (living room) outfitted with a fostex b-16 tape machine and an early Pro Tools d24 system, a live room (dining room) and a basement that had been built and treated for sound.

Original Logo

The original concept was to imitate the image of a school.

I always thought it would be cool to have merch that looked very school logoish.