A bay area musician and audio recording/mix/qa engineer. Current member of FCOTS, Wax Moon, Doctor Nurse, and Sloe. Previous member of the Mumlers, Family Room, The Stars Misplaced, SWRV, Synapse, and Disfunctional Squirrel. Since moving to San Francisco I've been more focused on writing songs and petting the cat.

Felony College of the Streets

(the band)

A while back in 2014 I took part in the National Solo Album Month. I got really busy at work and ended up only getting to spend a solid week and a half writing and recording and mixing this album so I can't say that I took my time, or I was able to do more than a couple of takes of anything on it and I kinda like it a lot because of that. It was a cool excersise that tought me that I have the ability to let go of being a perfectionist for the sake of the overall concept. Sunset Spaces was recorded in my basement in a 10ft x 10ft room with a MacBook Pro / Mbox 3 Pro / iPhone. Looking back at it, I still actually really like the songs I came up with in that period. I think I hadn't had a real band for at least two years at this point

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This is me

My latest project is called Wax Moon. Paul and I have been playing for a few years now although it had been mostly writing and recording and less playing out. Wax Moon is very different for me in the sense that it's just two guys with acoustic guitars singing in constant harmony. We took a very simple approach and did these two EP's back to back with similar themes.

Ready or Not

Cool Blue Heat