Calm Seas, Phantom Lights

Drums, Vocals, Production

This record wasn't planned. None of the Doctor Nurse moves have deep plots. This band is all about having fun and making weird songs. The record started out when we had an opportunity to hold up in a cabin in Groveland, California. We took the Tascam 388 and some instruments, mics, pedals and cables. We took the tapes home and overdubbed in some home sessions. Then I mixed the whole thing and got some killer custom screenprint/cover art done by Eric Powers.

Calm Seas, Phantom Lights is name your price on

Doctor Nurse


Recorded November 2019

Track List:

  • Pelicans at Sunset
  • Currency Black Hole
  • The Reporters
  • Exorcising Mrs. Stamp
  • Plate Picks Up
  • Graveland
  • Shetland Surprise
  • Phantom Lights
  • Earth House
  • Beneath the Frogs
  • Bubbles

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