Don't Throw Me Away

Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Background Vocals

This turned out to be the last record that the Mumlers made. Recorded and mixed it With our friend Monte @ Ruminator Audio in SF. We had a great time and I absolutely love the sounds that Monte got. He really captured the nuance and the vibe the band could produce.

We did a full U.S tour in the Fall/Winter of 2010 and broke up shortly after returning home. I'm happy with this as the final recording of the band as it will always be my favorite and marks a big point in my life with music. We all still keep in touch and there are some cool spinoff groups that came out of the Mumlers ♥.

Don't Throw Me Away is available on iTunes

There was also a 7" & music video produced for the song Coffin Factory

The Mumlers


Released Fall of 2009

Track List:

  • Raise the Blinds
  • St. James St.
  • Tangled Up With You
  • Coffin Factory
  • 99 Years Ago
  • Sunken City
  • Soot-Black Suit
  • Golden Arm & Black Hand
  • Fugitive & Vagabond
  • Battlefield Postcard
  • Don't Throw Me Away

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