Inexact Replica

Bass, Background Vocals

When I met the Sloe guys they had been at the end of recording Inexact Replica. They were doing overdubs and vocals at j31 studios in San Jose, and when I came in to audition for the band they had me do a couple of bass overdubs and background vocals. I had the job. This would be the first Sloe record I appeared on. Welcome to the brotherhood.

It features some guests who I would meet and become good friends with. Rob's girlfriend (now wife) sang on a song, Jeff Brummett and Joel Stiles did some overdubs and even Tony Sly (R.I.P) from NUFAN sang on a song. I will always love this recrod for those memories

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Released March 2001

Track List:

  • One For the Committie
  • Corporate Culprit
  • Disabled
  • Stalemate
  • 3 Nails For The Mailman
  • Dumb Charlene
  • Shiny New Toy
  • Satellite Transmissions
  • Drive
  • Everything Leader
  • Ex Future Wife

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