Kitchen Spanish

ADR/Editing, Foley, Sound Design

Born in East L.A. meets Ratatouille. Orale homes oui oui.

Another fun time doing foley, sound design, and dialogue editing. These guys write some funny stuff. This is a reorg of the same group that I worked with on the Yo Mama project.


  • Kasey Needham
  • Anya Absten
  • Ron Elwell
  • Rudy Ortiz
  • Mario Montes
  • Jesus Cruz
  • Bora Celebi
  • Sean Reddy

  • Be sure to check out the other shorts @ the Running Chef YouTube channel

    Kitchen Spanish (2019)

    Kitchen Spanish (2019)


    Written and Directed:

    • Matt Close
    • Jesus Cruz

    Director of Photography:

    • Alex Vigano

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