Minds Eye

Acting, Foley, Sound Design, Musical Score

Red has Visions. Watch Red kill his Visions.

Red tries to cope with uncontrollable visions, while maintaining his lawless lifestyle. When those visions turn out to be another man trying to kill him, Red takes matters into his own hands.

Minds Eye was my first real experience working on the set of a film. We rented gear and a house in the desert outside of L.A and spent a few weeks shooting the scenes for this film in the city and the desert. It was a lot of fun working as a grip with the guys. It gave me the ins and outs of the production cycle.

When it was done I took it all home and did the Foley, Sound Design, Mixing, and Score. It was an amazing learning experience and It's a cool indie si-fi horror-ish flick. When I find how to watch it, i'll update here.

Minds Eye Trailer 1 (2009)
Minds Eye Trailer 2 (2009)

Minds Eye (2009)



  • Ron Elwell
  • Chris Batstone
  • Keith Birkfeld
  • James Lynn Bennett
  • Ron Elwell Sr.
  • Tom Blank
  • Norman Chad
  • James Dadzie
  • Steven Del Castro
  • Bryan Fagundes
  • Paul Grace
  • Diego Villarreal Garcia (voice)
  • Harold E. Hargrave
  • Gary Kauf
  • Timothy Kline
  • Juan J. Lozano
  • Romeo Marquez Jr.
  • Owen Migel
  • Michael Nieto
  • Walter Peña
  • David Phillips
  • Paolo Russo
  • Elysia Skye
  • John Tulin
  • Alex Vigano
  • Anderson William
  • Me

Written by:

  • Alex Vigano
  • with Ron Elwell

Directed by:

  • Alex Vigano

Director of Photography:

  • John Tulin

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