Welcome Back

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You can't talk about Welcome Back TV without introducing Joe.

Joe was a roommate of mine who lived at FCOTS for a time. He is an insane artist. I am lucky enough to have a couple of originals hanging in my house. Well, one day Joe gets this idea to create a really odd TV show. We got a late night spot on the local cable access channel and it was on. Joe came up with the concepts and then we just spit-balled the scenes. He would then edit it on his MacBook. We did this for about 6-7 episodes.

It stars the roommates Joe & Ryan, my good buddy Ron, and whoever was haning around Party Mountain at the time. It got really weird at times on purpose and was a total blast. I'm glad it all got uploaded to YouTube for posterity.

Be sure to check out the outtakes and commercials we did for the show @ the Welcome Back TV YouTube channel

EP 23: Communication
EP 24: Power of the Mind
EP 25: The Games We Play
EP 26: Behind the Curtain
EP 27: Placing Placement
EP 17: Mirage

Welcome Back (2010)

TV Show

Written and Directed:

  • Joe Demaree


  • Joe & Myself

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